Welcome to The Etrek Blog!  We are brand new RVers and want to share our experiences with anyone who owns or is considering purchasing a Class B Motorhome.

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4 thoughts on “ABOUT US”

  1. Good morning, we are ready to pick up our new etrek and to our surprise doing inspection we noticed their was no outside shower.our dealer side it was standard equipment . Does anyone have an etrek with a outside shower?

  2. My 2016 (Feb) does have an outside shower I went with the 470 watt solar on top and 800 amp lithium package since it holds more, charges faster, and can take a lot deeper discharge at full voltage. No problems yet, but no big trips yet. How are the rest of you doing with 470 solar on top with the 800 amp lithium package?
    Love to know – Thanks

  3. We own a 2014 RT ES, (Mercedes sprinter chassis, diesel engine, solar panels): to make a long story short, we have had one issue after another, after buying it new from an authorized dealer. Many of our early questions and issues could have been resolved with a well developed owner manuals ( not available for months after we received the RV) and a knowledgeable dealer. We got neither. After much effort, our RT ES had to be rewired at a Mercedes dealer, (all under warranty, but we live in a rural area and warranty doesn’t cover miles traveled and time lost out of our lives after buying it. It broke down on our first trip, towed (wouldn’t start, we pulled off on the interstate and towed hundreds of miles) Our latest challenge is that the batteries to run the RV without shore power won’t charge. We hooked into house power, with large power cable and they won’t fully charge. We noted some Etrekers have replaced the coach batteries, wondering if any others have or are having similar issues! We were hoping to take our first “big” trip 400 miles from home, wondering if we’ll be stranded again. Feels like the movie, “Groundhog Day” for us.

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