4 thoughts on “E-trek Battery Log–May”

  1. You have the same inverter that I have inststalled in ertek. Only I like to have the manuals for travel and road fixing.

    I cannot find the model number, I would appreciate if you know it to forward to me

    Many Thanks


    1. Hi Tom, Our Inverter Owner’s Manual is for the TrippLite PowerVerter, but it does not mention a model number. I took a picture of the sticker on the inverter, which does not seem to match the manual: Microgreen Model: MG-AXA-CI-5000-24-DC1. When I do a search on “Microgreen,” I can find no additional information. I will see if I can clarify from our service contact at Roadtrek.

  2. I don’t know if this is the right blog, but I have a problem with the chassis batteries. After a sunny day and shore power, they are DEAD ! The engine won’t turn over…the key will not even turn ! I checked everything and it all LOOKS good. I can get a jump, but why did this happen ? What did I do wrong ? Also, the GU has not been coming on lately.

    1. Hi James, It sounds like you need to schedule service with Mercedes-Benz, since the chassis battery may be dead. Plugging into shore power will charge the coach batteries, but you need to have the battery disconnect turned on and the inverter on the “up” position, at which time a green light will indicate charging by shore power. The solar only helps to keep the coach batteries topped off (for example, if you’re using the refrigerator). If you are running the coach air conditioning and other electrical devices, you will need to charge the coach batteries by driving, idling, or plugging into shore power. By GU, do you mean underhood generator? If your chassis battery is dead, this definitely won’t work either. I suggest you contact Mercedes-Benz. Good luck!

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