Media Storage Cabinet

One of of our blog readers created a media storage cabinet for the following items:

  • Installed a 150w 12v pure sine inverter to run TV, DVD, etc. Much less noise(power draw) than the 5000w inverter. The inverter powered a 6 outlet power strip for the below items.
  • Installed a Hot Spot cradled into a Net Gear booster/charger with female Ethernet outlet
  • Apple Express wireless router feeding off the Hot Spot Ethernet to create a wireless network for the unit. Great for multiple iPads, laptops, etc and also needed to run the Logitech remote.
  • Apple TV
  • Logitech Universal Remote. Allowed for one button on/off for all items. And a big benefit was that the
    remote could be at the front of the cab to control the CD functions while driving as it was a wireless remote. The charge cradle for this was plugged into the 110v outlet and would charge whenever the 5000w inverter was running.
  • Homemade voltage monitor for the 12v system.
  • If for whatever reason the 12v side of things ran down too low, the power strip could be plugged into the 110v outlet and everything run off of the 5000w inverter. But honestly hated the noise of the 5000w so ran it as little as possible. And the 150w fan would only come on if there was too much heat build up, and at that, it was a minimal distraction compared to the 5k.