I created The Etrek Blog in 2015 to write about our adventures as new RV owners. We bought the RV mainly so we could travel with our two dogs, Topper and Daisy. Although we took many short trips, primarily to Boston and Gettysburg, we had many service issues, so we sold the RV in early 2017.

In 2016 I set up “On Track Publishers” as a website to sell books from my father’s estate. I also began selling the books on Amazon as “On Track Publishers.”

In 2021 I renamed my blog “King On Track” to incorporate elements from both “The Etrek Blog” and “On Track Publishers,” as well as my new interests which include various crafts. I also opened an Etsy store as “King On Track.” I continued to use “The Etrek Blog” for social accounts, since I have 5 years of Pinterest and Twitter activity. Plus, I was partial to the logo that my son designed for my original blog.

Below are links to my Pinterest and Twitter accounts.

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