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To Be Or Nox To Be

In my previous post I mentioned that we had a recurrence of the "Check Diesel Exhaust Fluid" message we had experienced during our May 2016 trip to Boston. Last week our E-trek was serviced by Mercedes-Benz, and both NOX sensors (upper/lower) were replaced; however, replacing the sensors required Mercedes-Benz to remove and reinstall the black and gray tanks… Continue reading To Be Or Nox To Be

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E is for Electric Bicycle

Happy Anniversary! On September 28th we celebrated our 25th Wedding Anniversary. Rather than traditional jewelry--of which I have enough to open my own store after two dozen previous anniversaries, not to mention birthdays, Christmas, and Mother's Day--Karl decided I needed an electric bicycle, so I can keep up with him on our battlefield rides (which sometimes become an actual… Continue reading E is for Electric Bicycle

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More than two weeks after we started the winterizing process, we were still working through the steps in the E-trek Owner's Manual. Although we had watched several videos, E-trek winterizing has specific requirements that are not often covered in videos. For example, the E-trek uses a different type of hot water system, and also includes an… Continue reading E-TREK WINTERIZING–THE ADVENTURE CONTINUES!