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The Long, Cold Winter Part 1

After our trip to Boston, our RV dreams were put on hold due to snow, snow, and more snow. It was hard to stay enthusiastic when it seemed like we would never be able to go anywhere in our new Roadtrek.

In the meantime, we tackled a few interior issues. Instead of using blankets to cover the rear sofa and bench seat cushions, Karl suggested that I make covers. Although I have sewed in the past, I was a little rusty, and upholstery projects were not at the top of my list. So I procrastinated as long as possible researching pet-friendly fabrics and patterns. I even ordered fabric samples; however, the fabric I liked was very expensive, and then I would need covers to protect the covers from the dogs! So I ended up ordering some cute dog-themed fabric, which should at least protect the leather from scratches.

After struggling with the first cushion cover, which had to be taken apart and reassembled, I produced the remaining three in diminishing time per cushion. For the sofa itself, we decided just to use a fitted bed sheet, which works pretty well. We also purchased some festive chair cushions for the captains’ chairs. The end result was very appealing and ready just in time for Karl’s birthday! All of the upgrades were met with approval by Topper and Daisy too!



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