So it was finally time to see if all of our modifications and research would pay off. We departed at exactly 9:00 a.m. on Easter Sunday. The new and improved navigation system worked great, and we had no trouble dropping off the dogs and getting back on the Massachusetts Turnpike. The slippery leather cushions stayed put thanks to the new covers, and Topper definitely liked the extra room with the captain’s chair removed. Although we stopped two times for the dogs—Daisy got nauseous about an hour into the drive—it was so nice to have our own bathroom and sink, not to mention a good supply of bottled water and snacks.

It always seems to take five hours to get to Boston, but we arrived at Ryan’s dorm right on schedule. Fortunately, there was ample parking in front of the dorm—always a worry when visiting a city! We enjoyed a delicious brunch at our favorite restaurant and then had coffee and cake in our home on wheels! I even brought some 50th birthday decorations to make it more festive! (Easter also happened to be my 50th birthday.)



After our 3-hour visit it was time to get back in the RV. We did notice that overnight parking was not allowed at the rest areas along Route 15 in Connecticut, so that meant we would have to drive all the way home. This time I decided to ride on the back sofa with the dogs. They seemed comfortable, and the only time it seemed really bumpy was when we crossed the Tappan Zee Bridge. I also got several birthday calls and texts, which kept me occupied on the way home. I felt like a celebrity with Karl as my driver. All in all, it was not a bad way to spend my 50th Birthday/Easter. It was well worth the ten-hour drive to spend a few hours with Ryan—of course, that’s easy to say when I’m not driving!



  1. Thank you for the link. We decided to install a dog crate instead. As you can see from our blog, our troubles in Gettysburg were just the beginning of a 2-month ordeal. We hope to get out to Gettysburg soon!

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