More Custom Cushion Covers

A few months ago I made custom cushion covers for the bench seat cushions in our 2015 Roadtrek E-trek (see my custom cushion covers page). What I had failed to do was to make covers for the small, oddly-shaped armrest cushions. I decided to get out of the heat this week and work on this unfinished project.

The bench seat cushions had been fairly straightforward, but for the armrest cushions I had to make a template for the sides of the armrest. The dimensions of the cushion were 15″L x 9″W x 6″H. Unlike the cushions, which had six pieces (top, bottom, front, back, two sides), the armrest cushion had one piece for the front, top, and back, a bottom piece, and the two side pieces, which would have to be custom-cut. According to the instructions found at, the fabric should be cut 1″ bigger to allow for seam allowances plus and additional 2″ to allow for zipper insertion. As always, measure twice (or more) and cut once!

IMG_5673   IMG_5675IMG_5676   IMG_5681

I cut two bottom pieces measuring 16″L x 10″W and two top/front/back pieces measuring 16″L x 20″W. When I measured the cushion back to top to front, using a measuring tape rather than yardstick, it was about 18″ I added 2″ to allow for the zipper insertion and seam allowance. For the side pieces, I placed the cushion on the wrong side of the fabric and traced about 1″ bigger all around. Then I used this piece as a pattern for the remaining side, as well as the sides for the second armrest custom cushion cover.

I inserted the zipper between the bottom and top/front/back piece. There are many ways to insert a zipper (I followed the instructions in my sewing machine manual). With right sides together, I machine-stitched the other side of the bottom piece to the other side of the top/front/back piece. With right side inside, I slid the cover over the arm rest, aligning the zipper with the zipper that was on the original leather cushion (see picture below). Then I hand-basted one of the side pieces before attaching it on the machine. With zipper opened, I hand-basted and machine-stitched the second side piece. Before turning, I notched around the curves and corners. I turned it right-side-out via the zippered opening, inserted the cushion, and zipped it up.

IMG_5685   IMG_5687

IMG_5727   IMG_5726

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