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Our Roadtrek E-trek has been at the factory for nearly three weeks. We have been getting periodic updates from the service technician, and it sounds like all of the work will be completed today, so we will have our E-trek returned to us next week. Following are the results:

  • The service team performed the battery load test and confirmed that our batteries are in good shape. With the balancer installed, which allows the batteries to charge and discharge at the same rate, we should see a lot of improvement.
  • The solar was on the wrong setting and this has been corrected. It should be set to zero, and it was set to 16, which is “test mode”  This setting was preventing the charging by solar that we have written about in our previous entries, such as Roadtrek E-trek Solar Test I.
  • They also replaced the secondary alternator and serpentine belt, so hopefully all of our charging by driving and idling problems will be solved, as discussed in Roadtrek E-trek Battery Charging by Driving Test and Roadtrek E-trek Battery Charging by Idling Test Interrupted.
  • While at the Roadtrek factory, the service team also replaced some parts to save us a trip to the dealer (e.g., monitor panel and a warped cabinet door).
  • We also had asked them to remove the front table mount, since we use the top of the dog crate as a table and preferred a level surface (the mount sticks up). They removed the mount and filled it in so now it will be level for the dogs to lie on.

Speaking of the dogs, check our our new section, Traveling with Dogs. We will be updating this section periodically with our tips. To be notified when new information has been posted, click here to subscribe to updates



  1. We too have a 2015 e-trek it has less than 2000 miles on it. We took it to the Mercedes dealer because of serpentine belt problems. They had TSB that required a different bracket. They overnighted one in and replaced it the next day. No charge of course. Problem solved. E-TREK owners should be aware of this. Serpentine belt issues could be serious if you’re far from a dealer.

    1. Hi Michael, Thank you for sharing your story. Hopefully you won’t have any additional problems–we needed 3 replacements (the third one at the Roadtrek factory) to get the serpentine belt working properly. Good luck!

  2. What was the response from RT regarding being able to retrofit the VB Air Ride Suspension?

    1. Hi Charlie, We discussed the issue with Jim Hammill at the Hershey RV Show last September. I believe he mentioned that there is a place in North Carolina authorized to do it, but we never got the details. Since we were considering selling our E-trek, we put this upgrade on hold, but it is still on our wish list. Prior to this We had been in touch with Advanced RV in Ohio, but they could not upgrade our E-trek with the VB Air Ride Suspension because the Webasto hot water heater is too low and the installation required 18″ clearance underneath the unit.

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