Even though our E-trek has been parked for more than a month, we try to give it a run about once a week. After reading Mike Wendland’s suggestion about using the Roadtrek as a moving van, we decided to use ours to pick up a bedroom set from my parents’ house. They had recently downsized to a condo, and had more furniture than they could use. Ryan was still using his childhood furniture (minus the loft bed with ladder) so when he returned to college after Thanksgiving, we decided to swap it out with my old bedroom set, which included a four-poster queen-sized bed and surprise him when he got home shortly before Christmas.

The creeper Karl bought to use to roll under the E-trek also came in handy as a dolly to move the furniture into the house. We spent the better part of the first weekend of December moving the furniture. First we took Ryan’s old bed to my parents’ garage where items are being stored for sale or donation. We were able to fit one of the mattresses, the bed frame, dressing table, and bedside table on the first trip. We had to go back for the boxspring and second dresser. Karl used our pick-up truck to get the last of the drawers.

IMG_7468   IMG_7469

Of course, the fun part was setting up his room and seeing his reaction when he got home!

IMG_0014 IMG_0012

IMG_7537  IMG_0019

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