Ordinarily we try to give our E-trek a run at least every other weekend, but ever since the massive snow storm of January 23rd, we haven’t been able to do so. We were all set to take it out this past weekend, but when we looked at the remaining ice patches on our narrow steep road, we decided it was not worth the risk. Instead, we decided to plug it in and turn on the Webasto heater to keep it warm during the very cold weather that occurred during this Presidents’ Day/Valentine’s Day weekend.

More snow is in the forecast for this afternoon, so my husband, Karl, will likely work from home. One problem that I may not have mentioned is that our two dogs, Topper and Daisy, have periodic spurts of nuisance barking–sometimes it’s a deer or fox they see outside, sometimes its a noisy truck they hear on the road, and sometimes it’s just one of us opening a door or coming into the room. Sometimes the sound of one of our voices even makes them bark.

This makes it very difficult for Karl to participate in conference calls at home, because the last thing you want in the background is one let alone two barky dogs. Even when on vacation, he is frequently on calls. Sometimes he sets up in the E-trek, where he can escape the barking. Today he has many meetings scheduled, so he plans to sit in the nicely warmed-up RV and even try out our new convection teapot we got for Christmas.

Sure enough, by mid-afternoon, the snow was falling yet again. Although it was not a major storm, it was just enough to make the roads treacherous; in fact, Karl had trouble getting up our steep driveway. The dogs, as usual, were thrilled to see more snow.

IMG_0356 IMG_0357

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  1. I am waiting for a large enought snow storm to take out my new cs lithium e-trek and see how they handle.. Just took delivery this week and drove 150 miles to get home, it works well, but can’t wait to get the 4×4 tested in foot or so of so forcast for hitting our 6000 foot elevation in the Sierras. I’ll let you know how the new etreks handle when it gets nasty enough out there!

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