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 This post was inspired  by a reader question regarding how to install the privacy curtains that come with the E-trek. We will answer his question and also an explain a possible alternative: SunShades.

If you have been following our blog, you know that we typically head out after dinner and arrive at our first destination sometime between 9:00 and 10:00 p.m. We are usually pretty tired, and after taking the dogs out we just want to climb into bed (which we always make up before we leave).


However, first we have to hang the privacy curtains across the front and side windows. The curtain that covers the sliding door is simple–it just slides across the rod; however the other curtains take more time. They are in three pieces that connect via Velcro. We leave our three pieces connected. The Velcro at the top of the curtains follows along from above the driver door window, around the handle and visor, behind the mirror, around the passenger visor and finally the passenger door window. The visors should be lowered to keep the curtains in place and help them conform to the shape of the front windshield.

IMG_1118  IMG_1120  IMG_1117

About a month ago, when we were still deciding whether or not to sell the E-trek we purchased SunShades from Amazon, to protect the interior of the E-trek from the sun and heat. They are custom-made for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500. We hadn’t opened them since we were still debating about whether we would be selling the E-trek, but it was recycling week so we decided to take a look, so we could get rid of the shipping boxes. We are going to try them as a replacement for the privacy curtains on our next trip.

IMG_1076  IMG_1077


  1. Thank you for this post. We are new roadtrekers and the privacy curtains were a puzzle to us. We did manage to hang them but they did not look as neat as yours do. The pictures were a big help also. What did you think of the sunshade ? I will be looking thru your blog for other solutions to some of our problems. Best to learn from somene who has been there/ done that.

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