Custom cushion covers

How to make custom zippered covers for leather cushions as seen in my post THE LONG COLD WINTER PART I

I downloaded instructions from the Internet and found this link very helpful.

I recommend drawing the cushions on graph paper to calculate fabric needs. Remember, measure twice, cut once! I think I measured three or four times. If you are making more than one cushion, which you probably are, I recommend cutting fabric for only one cushion, make it to completion; then make sure it fits and see if you need to make any adjustments. I learned this the hard way…

I did have to make a modification. Since the leather cushions in the Etrek were so firm, I could not squeeze it in the zippered opening, and I ended up tearing the fabric trying to force it in. The zipper needed to extend beyond the width of the cushion. I realized this after making the first cushion, and although I had already cut the fabric for all four cushions, I fortunately had just enough fabric leftover to make the adjustment. So for side which the zippered edge, I needed to cut the fabric about 10 inches longer. Fortunately I had purchased zipper on a roll, which I had not cut yet, so I could make the zippers longer too. I simply folded the side pieces down and overlapped over the zipper which gives it a nice finished look. (see picture). has a great selection and they ship promptly. I also ordered some of my dog-theme fabric from a website called The total cost for the fabric and zippers was about $80.
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