Installing a permanent dog crate

Replacing a second row captain’s chair with a dog crate that doubles as a table as seen in my post TRIP #6–PART I

We quickly learned that transporting and setting up Topper’s huge crate was a major nuisance. At the same time, we felt the pedestal tables were inconvenient to set up, and it was not practical to leave them set up.

So we decided to solve two problems with one fix: install a slightly smaller crate that would fit behind the driver’s seat. We fashioned a table top out of a crate pad that is antimicrobial and non-skid.

We had previously removed the passenger side second row captain’s chairs to make more room for the dogs. We had attached a storage container to the bolts which stick up about 1.5 inches and used it to hold leashes, treats, and other dog supplies—it’s all about the dogs!

But of course, the crate would have to go on the other side, between the driver’s seat and the kitchen area. First Karl had to remove the second chair. Then he had to build a platform out of foam board so the large bolts would only stick into the crate enough to secure the crate with nuts and covers (and not be a danger for Topper). Finally, he had to remove the storage container and replace the other second row captain’s chair.

Although the crate is one size smaller than his usual crate, it will work since we only use it for about an hour so we can go on a bicycle ride. It also provides secure storage for bags or whatever. It was filled to bursting with Ryan’s stuff when he emptied out his dorm room in May!

We purchased the crate and crate pad at Petsmart. Total modification cost, about $250.

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